Are you interested in working with people who love to learn, love the excitement of events, are willing to take responsibility and aren’t afraid to compete? If your answer is “yes,” then you should contact us.

We are always willing to consider how talented, growth-oriented people might strengthen our business. Just email us, attaching your resume and indicating you interests and compensation requirements.

How We Work

The Conference Department’s business of moving minds in positive directions is challenging but rewarding work. Since we are a small company, everyone performs multiple roles and has to use their own judgment frequently. Our working principles and basic philosophy guide us in individual decisions and how we relate to our clients and each other:

Working Principles

  • Client service is the source of our success
  • Creativity is a central part of our culture
  • Personal engagement with individuals is essential to our work
  • The satisfaction we derive from our work is a key product of what we do
  • Facts inform our judgments; measurement and accountability help us all succeed
  • Learning about the information we deliver and about our industry is how we grow
  • Growth — economic, professional, and personal — is a crucial goal

Basic Philosophy

  • We treat each other and our clients as we would like to be treated
  • Our work serves our highest values. Life is too short and too valuable for us to spend it otherwise