“For a dozen years, The Conference Department was GOVERNING’s strategic partner in our conference business. During these years, event revenues quintupled. Event after event, we received stellar evaluations from sponsors, speakers and participants. The Conference Department provides a unique combination of services: a wide-ranging strategic intelligence, meticulous attention to detail and, perhaps most importantly, the diplomatic skills to relate positively to every stakeholder — sponsor, client, speaker, and participant alike.”

Elder Witt
Deputy Publisher, 1990–2010
GOVERNING magazine

“As both a public official and a non-profit executive over the last 20 years, I have attended lots of events and rarely have they been as well managed as those run by The Conference Department. The Conference Department understands the importance of the content. And they pay close professional attention to the details while maintaining a warm personal touch. With this kind of organization, the result is that I focus on the learning without any distractions.”

Deborah L. Kerr, Ph.D.
Chief Operating Officer

“I have participated in conferences managed by the Conference Department. They are a ‘class act.’ Their behind-the-scenes planning and effort is evident in the way the conferences they manage run so smoothly.”

Ted Cooper
Manager, Commercial, State and Local Group
Northrop Grumman

“When we looked for an event partner for GOVERNING we looked for quality — people who could understand our market and our business and apply their event-knowledge and general media knowledge to help us grow. We found that quality we were looking for, in The Conference Department.”

Peter A. Harkness
Founder and Publisher Emeritus

“As a participant to several conferences managed by the Conference Department I have appreciated a subtle difference in what they do that distinguishes their events from others. They take the time know who their participants are. This enables them to expedite networking by bringing people with like challenges together with others who are experiencing or have successfully met those challenges. In addition, their good management helps everybody relax a little and focus on the purposes of the event.”

Robert Griffith
Chief, Office of Strategic Planning and Economic Development, Department of Administration
State of Rhode Island

“We are always looking for the best ideas for improving state government performance. The Conference Department event management folks behind GOVERNING Magazine conferences have had a role in supporting our search. They deliver high-quality events that allow participants to focus on ideas. What’s more, these folks really seem to enjoy their work.”

Larisa Benson
Director of Government Management Accountability and Performance (“GMAP”)
Office of Governor Chris Gregoire

“Over more than 25 years I attended a great many conferences. Many were mediocre. Others were productive. The ones conducted by The Conference Department were expertly-run, nurtured my professional growth, and connected me with others who shared my passion for excellence and innovation.”

Jim Chrisinger, Senior Partner
The Public Strategies Group

Photo: Elizabeth Daigneau, GOVERNING, used by permission